Tomahawk Photo Challenge

Tomahawk Photo Challenge

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Do you like taking selfies? The Tomahawk is hosting a photo contest that allows you to express yourself creatively. There are three categories of photos you can take: Redskin Pride Selfie, Tomahawk Advertisement and How do you get involved at GHS? Continue reading for rules and regulations.

Students can enter their photos through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by either tagging The Tomahawk in their photo via these websites, or for a more anonymous approach, sending the photos through DM on either Twitter or Instagram or through a message on Facebook.

Photo ChallengeStudents will have From March 28th to May 2nd to enter their photos.

On Monday May 5th, the Tomahawk class will be picking finalists and then have the public vote for each category. Students will be able to vote for their favorite photos from the 5th until Wednesday, the 7th to decide the winners.

The winners of the competitions will be announced on Friday the 21st and winners will then receive their prizes the following SRT.

You can either enter one or all categories, but may only submit one photo per category.


Best Redskin Pride Selfie: Must be a photo of you, and only you, hence the word ‘Selfie’. Someone else may take the photo, but to be eligible for the prize you need to be the only one being photographed. Be sure to show how you represent Goshen through your selfie pride!

The winner of this category will receive 1/2 dozen Rise N Roll donuts delivered to their SRT room on Thursday, May 8th.

Tomahawk Advertisement: The Tomahawk is looking for a new source of advertisement and we want YOU to help us. The requirements are simple. All you have to do is design a superb poster showcasing our website! Be sure to incorporate information about our webpage tastefully so that it grabs attention.

The winner of this prize will receive a $10 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card during SRT on Thursday, May 8th. The winner will also have their poster published and distributed.

How do you get involved at School?: Show us your school spirit! Demonstrate how you get involved here at GHS, whether it be in a sport, music, art or anything that you do to get involved at GHS. This photo should show an event you immerse yourself in at GHS.

The winner of this event will receive $10 in RedZone bucks during SRT on Thursday, May 8th.
We want to see all of your creativity pour out, but just make sure your photos and entries are somehow related to GHS, follow school guidelines and remain appropriate.



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